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How to add a new device in Cue View

If a new device has come online since Cue View was launched, Cue View will need to identify it.

Under the Cue View top menu, click Find Devices OR Right-click anywhere in Cue View and click Find Devices

How to set up a network for Cue View

All devices you wish to monitor in Cue View must be on the same network. This means that they are all connected via Ethernet cables or WiFi to the same router or ethernet switch. The network does not need to be connected to the Internet.

Cue View can find devices in the range a.b.0.0 - a.b.255.255. For example, -

DeviceIP AddressSubnet
Mac running Cue View192.168.1.6255.255.255.0
Mac running QLab (Sound)
Example Network - Many Devices
DeviceIP AddressSubnet
Mac running Cue View192.168.2.20255.255.0.0
ETC Gio192.168.1.10255.255.0.0
Mac running QLab (Sound)
Mac running QLab (Video)

How to set up an Eos family console for Cue View

In addition to IP settings, Cue View requires the OSC version of the console be set to OSC 1.1. Eos consoles default to OSC 1.0.

Supported device software versions

Cue View supports Eos Family lighting consoles (Element, Ion, Gio, Eos Ti) with software v2.4.1 or greater. All QLab versions 4.0 or later are compatible.